Last week was great! I PR’d my half marathon time by 15 minutes! I was stoked and still can’t believe I finally got a sub 2:30 half time. I felt it for a few days since that was my first double digit in a while.
This week hasn’t gone so great though. Sunday and Monday were unplanned rest days and not running Monday puts me five miles behind my planned mileage for the week. I’m trying not to stress about it since its still early in my training and it really isn’t that big of a deal. You can bet I’m still going to try and gain those miles back somewhere. Haha. Running is my happy place, my me time, and I don’t like having it taken away when I miss runs.
Today I was able to get in a really good upper body and core workout. Then after lunch I cranked out a new 5k PR! 30:14, so close to sub 30 😦 I’m happy with the PR but not the mileage, 4 was scheduled, then adjusted to 10k to make up part of missed miles. Not sure what I’m going to to for the rest of the week. My only promised outside run is on Saturday but it’s suppose rain. I’m praying real hard that it doesn’t. Lol. I’ve gotten to the point where treadmill runs don’t bother me as long as I have something to watch. The biggest problem is keeping little man distracted for so long, he doesn’t really care for tv that much. It’s a struggle but I’m a determined mama. My pace had been improving and I’m ready to see what I can do!

Schedule for this week:
Monday: 5 tempo – Not done
Tuesday: 10k ez – 5k due to time
Wednesday: 10k fartlek
Thursday: 10k ez
Friday: off
Saturday: 12-14
Sunday: 3, intervals with Michelle

All that with strength training thrown in to the mix. I know it’s worth it. I’m going to try to become a morning person so I can get my runs done before little man even wakes up!! 😉

I want to liven up this blog. What would you like to see more of?
Keep running y’all!



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  1. If you lose the miles this week, it’s ok. Never let a lost day cause problems for the rest of the week. I chalked up a lost day this week and just kept plugging away following my training plan. Any training run is still better then none. GOOD LUCK!

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