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Running Slump


I haven’t been on a run since my marathon. I haven’t felt up to it or I haven’t had time and it is really getting old. I have stepped on the treadmill a few times but once I’m on there I can’t seem to get the will power to run. I want to run, heck, I need to run! I have a 50k in 43 days and I have to keep my mileage base up. I’ve been looking at local races to get in my long runs but have something exciting to look forward to, so far none of them will work with our schedules. The shorter amount of day light has also been hindering my runs. I have a headlamp but I still have my fears of running in the dark by myself. I was so excited for Fall running until I realized that while other runners have beautiful trails, I am stuck with busy streets and cracked sidewalks. I’m going to try and get my long runs done at a near by park but even then it is 30 minutes away. I will get my mojo back, but even then I have the same qualm that I always have; time. I am a slow runner, so driving somewhere to get my run done just adds time and I feel bad for monopolizing even more of our weekend time.

Do you have problems fitting your runs in with a busy family schedule?


       Fall for most runners!!



Fall for this runner.

Keep running y’all!


Becoming My Own Coach


Finishing a marathon was no small feat and I couldn’t have done it without my friends and family. I also had the help of my run coach,  Kyle. We started working together in May to get me up to Ultra mileage. Using his training helped get me to a marathon. Now I feel confident that I can run a 50k and beyond. I had planned on keeping him on as my coach till I had completed my 50k. Though after redoing our budget and accounting for Christmas expenses and holiday travel, having a run coach just wasn’t feasible anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I loved having a coach, it is so much better than a paper plan. You can read my thoughts on coaches vs. regular plans here! Kyle has awesome prices and is really great at working with your skill level and goals. I definitely recommend contacting him if you’re in the market for a run coach. So I emailed him the other day to let him know and since then I’ve been on my own in my training. Though I’ve just been resting my body after Saturday, my mind has been going crazy with writing out my own schedule. The thing I loved most about having a coach was the accountability. There are days, we all have them, when I would rather do anything but run. Those are the days when I remembered that I had someone who had taken the time to make are schedule specifically for me. Normally that got me up and running. Now I am the one who wrote the schedule and I am the one holding me accountable. See, the thing is, I’m awful at letting myself down. Luckily,  I am less than 2 months away from my 50k and I realize how important this time is to my training. Definitely important enough to not be a slacker!


I sat down the other night with Excel and got to work. Every day is scheduled out till race day, all I have to do is follow it and I’ll be as ready as possible. Haha. I may make some changes here and there, but I think it is a pretty solid plan. I also have Shantele to help keep me on track, she will yell at me till I do my run. She may even drag me out of the house. And of course,  I have my wonderful husband,  he knows how important my running is to me and will help me stick to my plan. 52 days till my 50k!!

Keep running y’all!