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Living Fit!


When we were at Fort Hood I had the housing gym and some amazing girls to go with. That was a year ago and we all know a lot can happen in a year. I stopped lifting regularly and didn’t watch what I ate as well as I had been. Yesterday I was perusing Facebook and found about about the app! Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program is what I followed at Fort Hood in the gym and I am elated to find that it is part of the app. I love the ease of navigation for the lifting programs that are preloaded. Now following the program at home means that I have to make a few modifications since I don’t have the cable machines but I’m not letting that stop me. I’m only on day two and already loving how I feel. I forgot how much I really do enjoy lifting! Of course I’m still keeping up with my running, for the most part. I kinda have to, the Skidaway Marathon isn’t going to run itself! 😉

I’m really excited to see my body transform. Weight lifting does amazing things to the body, don’t be afraid of it!!


Day 1


Day 2!




Last week was great! I PR’d my half marathon time by 15 minutes! I was stoked and still can’t believe I finally got a sub 2:30 half time. I felt it for a few days since that was my first double digit in a while.
This week hasn’t gone so great though. Sunday and Monday were unplanned rest days and not running Monday puts me five miles behind my planned mileage for the week. I’m trying not to stress about it since its still early in my training and it really isn’t that big of a deal. You can bet I’m still going to try and gain those miles back somewhere. Haha. Running is my happy place, my me time, and I don’t like having it taken away when I miss runs.
Today I was able to get in a really good upper body and core workout. Then after lunch I cranked out a new 5k PR! 30:14, so close to sub 30 😦 I’m happy with the PR but not the mileage, 4 was scheduled, then adjusted to 10k to make up part of missed miles. Not sure what I’m going to to for the rest of the week. My only promised outside run is on Saturday but it’s suppose rain. I’m praying real hard that it doesn’t. Lol. I’ve gotten to the point where treadmill runs don’t bother me as long as I have something to watch. The biggest problem is keeping little man distracted for so long, he doesn’t really care for tv that much. It’s a struggle but I’m a determined mama. My pace had been improving and I’m ready to see what I can do!

Schedule for this week:
Monday: 5 tempo – Not done
Tuesday: 10k ez – 5k due to time
Wednesday: 10k fartlek
Thursday: 10k ez
Friday: off
Saturday: 12-14
Sunday: 3, intervals with Michelle

All that with strength training thrown in to the mix. I know it’s worth it. I’m going to try to become a morning person so I can get my runs done before little man even wakes up!! 😉

I want to liven up this blog. What would you like to see more of?
Keep running y’all!


Getting Back into the Groove


The first week of the New Year was kind of a bust for me. My runs didn’t get done like I anticipated but my eating was on point! I’m doing a fast along with the rest of our Church and I’m fasting from pasta, bread, alcohol, and sweets. It has opened my eyes to how much my family eats pasta, I only wish my hubby would get on board with limited or no pasta.

Anyway, this week has been better so far. Yesterday I figured out that if I strap my Garmin to my shoe it will get a more accurate reading for my treadmill runs! So now my indoor runs are far more rewarding since I’m able to see the times that match my perceived effort. 🙂

My schedule for this week, 1/12-1/18

Monday: 4 tempo
Tuesday: 3ez
Wednesday: 3 w/ hill intervals
Thursday: 4 fartlek
Friday: off
Saturday: 10
Sunday: 3ez

Monday, after finding out about putting my Garmin on my shoe, I was so excited that I did an extra mile! I’m also doing strength training 3 times a week to avoid injury.
Marathon training is in full force now and I’m ready to PR Skidaway in April!!

Keep running y’all!

Maybe I Will Run the MCM!


So after already deciding that I was not going to run the Marine Corps Marathon, I kinda changed my mind. I was urged by a friend to set up a donation fund for people to help out if they felt inclined to. Well apparently more people care than I thought! $80 has been donated already 🙂 I feel so blessed and really feel like I need to run it. The MCM was my original marathon dream and I don’t think I should have ever let go of it. Now as I scramble to make it work, I need all the help I can get!

Want to help make my dream come true?
Anything is greatly appreciated!!

Keep running y’all!

My Upcoming Adventure!!


This will, hopefully, be posted while I am out on my longest training run ever. A big 14 miles! Huge! Even though I just killed my last half marathon, haha. I’m very excited to tackle my longest distance to date. I am even more excited for next weekend, when I will be taking on the Chase the Sun Ultra event!! I am doing the 6 hour option and gunning for at least a marathon anything after that is icing on the cake. The course is a 1.87 mile loop on the Whitemarsh Island Preserve with mostly unpaved trail but a partial paved spot. I’ve been told that there are good amount of roots on the path that left some feet quite beat up last year! I’ve already talked to Kyle (my run coach) and we have set up an attack plan to get me to a full marathon!! I’m elated to be doing this run with my best running buddy! She rocks and always pushes me when we run together. She has already told me that she will get me to a marathon so I am stoked!

I leave you with a look at the medals!

 cts medals

Tortoise and the Hare Half Marathon Recap

Tortoise and the Hare Half Marathon Recap

On Saturday I ran the best event of my life! The inaugural Tortoise and the Hare half marathon was absolutely everything I could have wanted for my first trail race. Toni and Jeremy, the race directors did a fantastic job and I look forward to doing this run for many years to come! The run took the classic tortoise and the hare story and brought it to life. Tortoises, like myself, started between 8 and 9 then the hares started at 10 and tried to catch up so that we would all finish around noon! For awards they obviously used chip timing to get the results since there was such a huge difference in start times. One of the coolest parts for me was being one of the faster tortoises and being the 7th or 8th person to cross the finish! Plus I had a bunch of people commenting on how speedy I was, totally blew me away. Haha!


The end result of the different start times was that everyone finished very close to the same time. I love their finishing concept because it allows the slower runners to get the same support as those faster ones who always get to the finish line first. Everyone being there at the finish together just embodies the spirit and community of running, and I love it! Gives me the warm fuzzies. Haha. Even more exciting, this is the same company who is putting on my first 50k in November! They are just such great people and their events are beautifully orchestrated. The run went flawlessly and the finish was stocked with all kinds of goodies to eat after, biscuits from Mcdonalds, pizza, cookies, fruit and Larabars. Oh, they also had a free massage table, man do I wish I had taken advantage of that! So if you are ever able, definitely check out their events!

So now that I’ve filled you in on the wonderful company and events, let me tell you about my first trail half!


I started at the 8:00 wave, I didn’t think it would take 4 hours to finish but I wanted a little extra time just in case. The trails were single track to start off with and I was behind a group of women who were going just a little slower than my pace, so it was a pretty good start. I eventually passed most of those in front of me and was able to get into a good groove by mile 2.5 or 3. From then on it was smooth sailing with lots of up hills, that I walked most of, and a few water crossings. I had to fight the temptation to lay down in the water a few times! 😉 For the last mile we came out of the woods and onto a dirt/gravel track to the finish and let me tell you, it was hot without the tree cover! Worst part was running out of water in my hydration vest for that last mile. I kept struggling between wanting to go slow due to thirst and wanting to go fast just to get it over with and get water at the finish! The struggle is real y’all. Haha. Now onto the swag, the shirt has the awesome Tortoise and the Hare graphic and is wonderfully soft, Tortoises got green shirts and Hares were given red. The medals are very colorful and have a super cool spinner in the middle, that my kid loved! They also had water bottles, pictured below, that were given out to age group placers but after all the awards were done and they had extras and I was able to score one! I’ve been taking it everywhere like a child with a security blanket, it’s safe to say I love it! I had a fantastic experience and I will definitely be coming back next year, hopefully as a hare! Thanks again Toni and Jeremy!! See you in November!


Now for a photo dump!!

20140906_111546  MQfuhvkcmBNmh-xKMHz62gaXo_Wu9Wxp6onsJ1jVxKM NGuYnXhERFpud_Nzvea2pEkqsPg_YcJuXkPIj-Dfd88 TQHiSMdF2jCJs8WF-TSnVPOHwPPri9LwhhnjhTxU0mE (1) YBXl2sfUHvL7jCPdT0whG1RJff-XfuGcbRL16oeBAtw (1)

Keep running y’all!

Stress, Ultras, and IIFYM


Today has been a bad day. End of story. But of course there is more. My dear sweet child didn’t want me to run this morning. Being optimistic, I turned on the Sworkit app and did 15 minutes worth of circuits with little man. Then I headed out for a mile to see if I had any pain while running. 

But I am getting ahead of myself…this week has been awful mileage wise. I have only run 4 miles out of my 19 scheduled so far. I ran yesterday fully intending to run my 8 miles, until my left knee and hip started aching pretty badly. I pushed past it to get to a measly 3 miles but the pain kept getting worse. Took it easy the rest of the day and did some flexibility work.

Fast forward back to today…circuits, a pain free mile and a good breakfast. Great start to my day right?! Well my initial plan was to run during nap time, even though it would be the hottest part of the day. I didn’t anticipate 96 degrees. And humid. So nap time run didn’t happen. After that my mindset just went downhill. I was tired of people other than my husband trying to be a parent to little man, tired of my kid not listening, and very tired of not getting my miles in. Speaking of the mister, I am also tired of being alone, this training can’t come to an end soon enough! Back to my run today, it never happened. I’m mad but I knew that it wouldn’t happen. I was in such a bad mood. Normally a run will help my mood but today didn’t feel like one of those days. Sounds like a load of crap, I know. I’m trying to shake the mood and get in bed at a good time tonight so I can wake up and get it done tomorrow! 

In other news my dreams of running the Marine Corps Marathon may be crashing down around me. I was very fortunate to get a fundraising spot for Team Red, White, and Blue. The fundraising goal is very low for MCM, at $300. That is what gets my bib and some RWB perks. I have the majority of my fundraising goal, $235, but I am coming to terms with just how much the trip will be. Hotel with parking, $400 for 2 nights, plus gas to and from and meals. And anything I would want from the expo like a jacket or hat. So probably close to $900? I have these thoughts in the back of my mind and it has been slowly eating away at me. I want this so badly and it not coming to fruition, well it just sucks. I’ve considered setting up an Indiegogo page for loving family and friends, or even strangers, to donate to my dreams. 

Another thought in the back of my mind is how the hills in Blue Ridge are going to chew me up and spit me out. I am beyond excited to become an ultra marathoner. The Blue Ridge trip is much less expensive and way more low key. I’m getting off track again. Anyway, those hills…I live on the coast so maybe 31 miles on the Appalachian Trail was a bad idea for my first Ultra. Too late now! I am all signed up and just need to book the hotel. Since it is my first, my main goal is just to finish, which I know I will. I’m just scared.

Whew…lots going on in my mind. I guess I need to blog more so my posts aren’t so lengthy. Kudos to y’all who have stuck with me. 

As I approach my HUGE races this fall I am trying to drop some weight to get into prime performance mode. Listen to me sounding like an actual athlete. 😉 Well I have jumped head first into, If It Fits Your Macros, affectionately, IIFYM. I have just finished out my second day of it and I am loving it. I bought a kitchen scale to weigh my foods and it is super easy to get all my macros in by the end of the day. The end of the day is actually the best, whatever macros I haven’t used I get to use in a tasty dessert. Greek yogurt, chocolate and cookies. Or something like that. Seriously awesome. I’m very excited to see the changes in my body over the next few weeks. I’m going to update on it when I have been following it for a while!