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Living Fit!


When we were at Fort Hood I had the housing gym and some amazing girls to go with. That was a year ago and we all know a lot can happen in a year. I stopped lifting regularly and didn’t watch what I ate as well as I had been. Yesterday I was perusing Facebook and found about about the Bodybuilding.com app! Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program is what I followed at Fort Hood in the gym and I am elated to find that it is part of the app. I love the ease of navigation for the lifting programs that are preloaded. Now following the program at home means that I have to make a few modifications since I don’t have the cable machines but I’m not letting that stop me. I’m only on day two and already loving how I feel. I forgot how much I really do enjoy lifting! Of course I’m still keeping up with my running, for the most part. I kinda have to, the Skidaway Marathon isn’t going to run itself! 😉

I’m really excited to see my body transform. Weight lifting does amazing things to the body, don’t be afraid of it!!


Day 1


Day 2!