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Living Fit!


When we were at Fort Hood I had the housing gym and some amazing girls to go with. That was a year ago and we all know a lot can happen in a year. I stopped lifting regularly and didn’t watch what I ate as well as I had been. Yesterday I was perusing Facebook and found about about the Bodybuilding.com app! Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program is what I followed at Fort Hood in the gym and I am elated to find that it is part of the app. I love the ease of navigation for the lifting programs that are preloaded. Now following the program at home means that I have to make a few modifications since I don’t have the cable machines but I’m not letting that stop me. I’m only on day two and already loving how I feel. I forgot how much I really do enjoy lifting! Of course I’m still keeping up with my running, for the most part. I kinda have to, the Skidaway Marathon isn’t going to run itself! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m really excited to see my body transform. Weight lifting does amazing things to the body, don’t be afraid of it!!


Day 1


Day 2!


High Mileage & Training Plans vs. Run Coach


This year I have run 276 miles, 174 of that was done in the last two months (May and June). I don’t think I have ever felt more accomplished, well maybe after giving birth, haha. Seriously though, I ran 100 miles in June! I never thought a triple digit month would be possible for me but marathon/ultra training has really started to show me what I am made of. My training has definitely had it’s ups and downs, I’ve even had some breakdowns.

The past two months I have been coached by a friend that I met throughย SKORA. Since I was almost starting over and didn’t have a good running base I knew that would need help to get to Ultra marathon distances. There are tons of running plans out there that are great for so many people, I used one for my half and there is absolutely nothing wrong with those training plans. The problem I have with an online plan is that I am the only person holding myself accountable and in the past I haven’t been so great with getting all my runs in. Too many times I have let life get in the way and used that as a way out. Kyle, my coach, actually sits down and makes my weekly schedules for me, runs, strength training and rest days. I love the personal touch of a coach, I get emails when I have a great week, “good job” and “nice run” comments and when life does get in the way I can just send him and email and he will work with me to make sure I get my miles done! I really try to stick to my schedule as much as possible because I don’t want to make Coach mad. Haha. It sounds funny but when someone actually takes the time to write out a personalized training plan for you. It is also motivating know that they put the work in and now you need to follow through with the runs!ย 


If you are interested in getting a run coach check out Kyle!