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Getting Back into the Groove


The first week of the New Year was kind of a bust for me. My runs didn’t get done like I anticipated but my eating was on point! I’m doing a fast along with the rest of our Church and I’m fasting from pasta, bread, alcohol, and sweets. It has opened my eyes to how much my family eats pasta, I only wish my hubby would get on board with limited or no pasta.

Anyway, this week has been better so far. Yesterday I figured out that if I strap my Garmin to my shoe it will get a more accurate reading for my treadmill runs! So now my indoor runs are far more rewarding since I’m able to see the times that match my perceived effort. 🙂

My schedule for this week, 1/12-1/18

Monday: 4 tempo
Tuesday: 3ez
Wednesday: 3 w/ hill intervals
Thursday: 4 fartlek
Friday: off
Saturday: 10
Sunday: 3ez

Monday, after finding out about putting my Garmin on my shoe, I was so excited that I did an extra mile! I’m also doing strength training 3 times a week to avoid injury.
Marathon training is in full force now and I’m ready to PR Skidaway in April!!

Keep running y’all!


Marine Corps Marathon Weekend


The night before before the marathon when all the runners lay out their stuff and pray that the training will pay off. Well if you follow me, then you know I have been in a slump since my first marathon in September. My training was solid before Chase the Sun but between then and the MCM I had run ONCE! Obviously not ideal. So I knew my only true goal for the Marine Corps Marathon was to finish.


A huge thanks to Team RWB for this opportunity!

I wore my C9 capris and sports bra from Target, Team RWB shirt, Skora Form shoes, and Marine Corps Marathon training hat!


All 26.2 miles dedicated to my IRUN4 buddy, Hunter!

My morning started out with waking up at 0430. I had 4 alarms set, the one on the hotel clock and three on my phone. The hotel alarm went off first and that was all I needed to get up, after going to bed at 2000 the night before I actually felt very well rested. I almost had a horrible morning when the coffee maker in the room wasn’t working, turns out the outlet it was plugged into was bad. I changed the outlet and the brewing light came on, crisis averted. Whew. I got out the peanut butter and spread it on the whole wheat bread that I brought. Sat down and tried to enjoy my breakfast and mentally prepare myself. The whole weekend was a pretty last minute thing, so a few details were fuzzy, like how exactly I was going to get to the start line. After a few minutes of scouring the Marine Corps Marathon website I found the station on 23rd and Crystal Ave. where the free start line shuttles were departing from. The hubby dropped me off with the hundreds of other runners who were waiting. Saying the line was long would be an understatement, though I am so thankful I arrived when I did. By the time I got close to the front the line had serpentined through the parking garage we were in, it was ridiculous.

The bus ride!! It was finally here, the moment that I got to sit down, relax, and enjoy the ride to the start line. Or so I thought. Me and the 47 other runners on the bus were about to be taken on a ride and it wasn’t the one we wanted. No one had really been paying too much attention, trusting that our driver knew where to go. Well, some realized that we had already passed certain landmarks twice. Turns out our bus driver had been following some school buses thinking they were going to the same place. They weren’t. He had no idea where he was supposed to go but we had some locals who were able to get him back on track! Once we got to the correct exit ramp we ran into another problem, the police officers had closed the road prematurely so we had to walk from the bus on the interstate to the starting area. Thank God it wasn’t very far.


Finally in the starting corrals!!

Kyle Carpenter was a huge part of the opening ceremony, he sky dived in to the starting area and then proceeded to run the marathon! It was amazing watching him and the others jump but it truly pulled on my heartstrings when I saw the American flag.
wpid-20141026_074703.jpgwpid-20141026_074934.jpgHere we go! Finally close enough to see the start line! I was elated and nervous. I knew I was under trained but I also knew I could do it. I knew if I utilized the aid stations for water and gatorade I would have enough water in my hydration to get me through. I also had plenty of gels and salt tabs, along with aleve and imodium. Haha. So my strategy was solid, I just needed to beat the bridge and I would be golden! I had a great first half, I stuck with the 5:30 pace group for most of it. I really feel like I could have stuck it out with them too but I kept getting pushed back by other runners. There is always next time!wpid-20141026_081406.jpg

I didn’t want to take walk breaks but I figured if my body was calling for it then it would be better to break than get injured. I was able to take in the sights a little bit during my walking time 😉 During the parts with fewer spectators the course was actually quite peaceful. I was able to fully take in everything and enjoy the entire experience.


Just enjoying the Potomac River!


There were times that I even had to fight back tears. The Mile of Remembrance is lined with photos of some of the military members killed in action. Several of the photos had men with their children and those were the ones that really got me. After living through a deployment and facing all the fears it really hit me hard knowing just what was sacrificed. All I could think about was these children never getting to grow up with Daddy around, the moms having to take it all on and just how horrible a reality it is. So many of the kids in the pictures were the same age as my son. It just…when the mister was deployed the fear of him not returning was always looming, the fear of little man not having Daddy come home was crushing. It isn’t something easily put into words. I have so much respect for our military, the spouses, the children and those who support them like Team RWB and Wear Blue.


My fueling was good all throughout the race, I was on top of my hydration and nutrition. Speaking of nutrition, I need to thank the spectators for some awesome treats! Around mile 12 there was a lady with M&Ms, the best ever. Haha. I also had the best cookie in my life right before I went to go beat the bridge. There were so many other sweets that I didn’t grab, the spectators were the absolute best. The cheers, music, motivation, and random candy was seriously the best. Hands down, awesome crowd support. There were also two aid station workers that were handing out vaseline around miles 5 and 15. I’ve never been happier to have vaseline, my lips were so freaking chapped that it hurt to smile. The climate change and the wind on race day did my lips in, the vaseline was just what I needed. Now I also know to keep some in my pack!! Fortunately chapped lips were my biggest problem of the day, I never hit the wall nor did I experience G.I. issues like I have previously (thank you Imodium!). It really was a perfect day for running, minus the crazy wind, and though my time wasn’t what I wanted I still PR’d!! At first I said I would never go back to the city just because of how hectic it was but I definitely lied. I want so badly to go back next year for the 40th running of it!

It was truly an honor to raise money and run for Team RWB. This wouldn’t have been possible without them. I also owe a huge thanks and lots of hugs to everyone who donated! Those that donated to my Team RWB page and also those who helped fund our trip to DC. You are all blessings!wpid-20141026_142035.jpg wpid-img_20141028_114519.jpgThe beautiful medal and finishers shirt!!

wpid-20141026_155841.jpgThey gave out a buy one get one coupon for Chipotle and we don’t have any around us, so we went there for my post race meal. It was good but I still prefer Moe’s 😉
wpid-img_20141025_203844.jpgThe official race jacket and pint glass are an early birthday present! Hahah.wpid-img_20141024_224357.jpg

I fully plan on returning to DC to run this race again. I will be better trained and I will be faster. Gunning for 5 hours or so! 😉 It is an excellent race and if you plan on ever running a marathon, make it this one!

Do you have any questions about my Marine Corps Marathon experience?

Keep on running y’all!!

Preparing for Saturday

Preparing for Saturday


Yum! I found these cute little panda cookies filled with chocolate while we were in Savannah yesterday. Target had them for $1 each so I grabbed a bunch, along with some gummy snacks. Bite sized and won’t get gross in the heat, score! We will probably keep the gummies in a cooler that our husbands will have at our personal aid station, just in case. Shantele and I are also going to hit up Game Changers this week to get some Nuun and any other little things we may need. If you are in the Savannah/Hinesville/Richmond Hill area you should definitely check them out, they have some of the best employees ever! Packet pick up for Chase the Sun is on Friday and Saturday morning, we aren’t sure when we are going to go yet.

I do however, have a game plan for the run itself! Coach Kyle and I have talked a good bit about it and he thinks that a walk break every lap would be greatly beneficial. My goal is to get to at least a marathon and I think a 2-3 minute walk break through the aid station will be good at preserving enough fuel in my tank to finish! cts

How cool would it be to get more than a marathon though? The medal says Ultra because it is completely doable to run a 50k or more in 6 hours. I hope I get there one day! Maybe even in January at the next super flat 50k that I am doing because I know it will probably take me 7-8 hours at the Tortoise and the Hare 50k in Blue Ridge. Haha! Anyway, the run should be great with my family and friends by my side. We will be under the shade of the trees for the majority of the course (I hope) because the heat nearly killed me on my 14 miler this two days ago! Which, by the way, was my longest run to date! I updated about it on facebook but long story short, it sucked. I cried, I wanted to puke and I had to stop at a gas station to refill my hydration pack. As horrible as it was during the run, I felt very accomplished after and not even sore the next day!

Today I am getting in 5 miles on the mill and dreaming of the trails I will get to run on Saturday!


Keep running y’all!

Tortoise and the Hare Half Marathon Recap

Tortoise and the Hare Half Marathon Recap

On Saturday I ran the best event of my life! The inaugural Tortoise and the Hare half marathon was absolutely everything I could have wanted for my first trail race. Toni and Jeremy, the race directors did a fantastic job and I look forward to doing this run for many years to come! The run took the classic tortoise and the hare story and brought it to life. Tortoises, like myself, started between 8 and 9 then the hares started at 10 and tried to catch up so that we would all finish around noon! For awards they obviously used chip timing to get the results since there was such a huge difference in start times. One of the coolest parts for me was being one of the faster tortoises and being the 7th or 8th person to cross the finish! Plus I had a bunch of people commenting on how speedy I was, totally blew me away. Haha!


The end result of the different start times was that everyone finished very close to the same time. I love their finishing concept because it allows the slower runners to get the same support as those faster ones who always get to the finish line first. Everyone being there at the finish together just embodies the spirit and community of running, and I love it! Gives me the warm fuzzies. Haha. Even more exciting, this is the same company who is putting on my first 50k in November! They are just such great people and their events are beautifully orchestrated. The run went flawlessly and the finish was stocked with all kinds of goodies to eat after, biscuits from Mcdonalds, pizza, cookies, fruit and Larabars. Oh, they also had a free massage table, man do I wish I had taken advantage of that! So if you are ever able, definitely check out their events!

So now that I’ve filled you in on the wonderful company and events, let me tell you about my first trail half!


I started at the 8:00 wave, I didn’t think it would take 4 hours to finish but I wanted a little extra time just in case. The trails were single track to start off with and I was behind a group of women who were going just a little slower than my pace, so it was a pretty good start. I eventually passed most of those in front of me and was able to get into a good groove by mile 2.5 or 3. From then on it was smooth sailing with lots of up hills, that I walked most of, and a few water crossings. I had to fight the temptation to lay down in the water a few times! 😉 For the last mile we came out of the woods and onto a dirt/gravel track to the finish and let me tell you, it was hot without the tree cover! Worst part was running out of water in my hydration vest for that last mile. I kept struggling between wanting to go slow due to thirst and wanting to go fast just to get it over with and get water at the finish! The struggle is real y’all. Haha. Now onto the swag, the shirt has the awesome Tortoise and the Hare graphic and is wonderfully soft, Tortoises got green shirts and Hares were given red. The medals are very colorful and have a super cool spinner in the middle, that my kid loved! They also had water bottles, pictured below, that were given out to age group placers but after all the awards were done and they had extras and I was able to score one! I’ve been taking it everywhere like a child with a security blanket, it’s safe to say I love it! I had a fantastic experience and I will definitely be coming back next year, hopefully as a hare! Thanks again Toni and Jeremy!! See you in November!


Now for a photo dump!!

20140906_111546  MQfuhvkcmBNmh-xKMHz62gaXo_Wu9Wxp6onsJ1jVxKM NGuYnXhERFpud_Nzvea2pEkqsPg_YcJuXkPIj-Dfd88 TQHiSMdF2jCJs8WF-TSnVPOHwPPri9LwhhnjhTxU0mE (1) YBXl2sfUHvL7jCPdT0whG1RJff-XfuGcbRL16oeBAtw (1)

Keep running y’all!

What Being Fit Means to Me Part 2 #RealFitFriday


Life sure is a crazy thing. I meant to do these #RealFitFriday posts on sequential Fridays but that obviously didn’t happen. It’s a good thing today is a rest day 😉

Being Happy

I was absolutely miserable when I was overweight. I sought happiness in food and drinks that didn’t do a thing but add to my problem. Once I started running I found something that made me happy and no one could take that away from me. Now that I have found my happy pace I have been able to do other things that make me happy that I couldn’t or wouldn’t do before. Being able to keep up with my son is one of my greatest joys that wouldn’t have been possible had I not gotten fit. I have also had many non-scale victories that have added to my happiness, like completing my first half marathon and wearing a bikini without fear! I have also learned to eat well, drink water and herbal teas, and just keep moving, it has done wonders for my body, mind and spirit. My health, coupled with my family has made me the happiest I have ever been and it can only get better!

hm6The feeling of crossing that finish line was absolutely amazing!!

What Does Fit Friday Mean to Me? Part 1



Meet the Skora FIT. They are beautiful and strong, much like how they make me feel. Today’s post starts off a 3 part post (all on Fridays) that will tell what being fit means to me, inspired by #RealFitFriday!

Being Comfortable

As a formerly obese woman I take great pride in being comfortable in my own skin. Most of my past was spent trying to hide everything about myself. Any confidence I had in my personality was doused by my fear of my weight. Once I took up running and other workouts, along with cleaning up my diet, I felt like a new person! Now, when I finish a run or a hard workout and I’m covered in sweat, I feel like I could conquer the world. I can run further distances than most of my friends (okay, not those online, lol) and it is one of the best feelings. The shame I used to feel about being overweight has since been replaced with pride about my weight loss and running abilities. I’ve never been as comfortable with myself as I am right now. This is a feeling and state of mind that will only get better as I become more fit.

What does being fit mean to you?

Packing, training and lots of goodbyes


Happy New year! Haha, I know, it’s been a while but I’ve been busy. We got orders to move to Fort Stewart, Georgia and the report date is February 10th. I’ve been packing for what feels like all year! 😉 Seriously though, packing sucks and it isn’t easy with an almost three year old trying to help. I’ve packed up about half the house so far, almost everything that we don’t need is in a box now. The absolute worst part of moving and packing is having to put my running and gym time on the back burner. I started the year following an ultra marathon training plan, I was doing great the first week then we got word that we would be moving and since then my runs are short and sporadic at best. At least the Ultras that I’ve found close to Stewart aren’t until October and December. I’m going to try and find a new home for the Army gear that is on my treadmill at the moment. It isn’t my favorite but I would rather get 3 miles on my treadmill every day than nothing at all. At least my base wouldn’t suffer and I could continueto build my mileage.

As if not being able to run, packing all of our belongings and trying to find a new home halfway across the country wasn’t stressful enough….I will soon have to say goodbye to our fort hood family. When we first moved to Hood in 2011 I hated it but as I learned the area and made friends it truly has become home. I’m really going to miss everyone here and if the Mister is able to stay in the Army I hope we will see some familiar faces in the future…

I’m not ready to say goodbye to these people, not yet. I’m tearing up typing this so I’m going to stop. Also making a note to make sure the hotel we stay at after we leave has a gym, a run will definitely be needed after such a sad, stressful day.

Oh! To leave you on a good note, you are looking at one of the newest Skora ambassadors!

Call for comments! How do you deal with moving and keeping up with your fitness?